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Oyo State, an inland State in south-western Nigeria, covers a total land area of approximately 28,454 and has a total population of 5,580,894 persons as per the most recent census of 2006.Since its creation in 1976, Oyo State has been playing leading roles in many facets/sectors of national development including being (i) hub of socio-cultural heritage in south-west Nigeria, particularly the Yoruba region; (ii) the educational cradle of the nation and a human resources hub with a multiplicity of universities and higher research institutions; and (iii) a gateway to the coastal mega city of Lagos from the northern part of Nigeria by rail, road, and air. The State had a total GDP of US$16 billion, with a US$2,666 per capita income in 2010.   In 2003-2004, Oyo was estimated to have a relatively low poverty rate (21 percent) which increased to 29 percent in 2009-2010.