Ibadan Wastes

Project Overview

Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project (IUFMP) has reactivated the preparation of the Ibadan Solid Waste Management Masterplan as part of its implementation trajectory.

The need for effective Solid Waste Management as a Flood Prevention, Innovation and Response strategy in Ibadan became evident in the aftermath of the August 26, 2011 flood event. Oyo State Government then constituted a Task Force to investigate the immediate and remote causes of the flood disaster, and recommended appropriate remedial and preventive measures accordingly.

The Task Force reported that indiscriminate dumping of solid waste is a common practice in Ibadan Metropolis and this hinders the free flow of water along the channels of the rivers. The resultant blockage with solid waste is an aggravating factor of floods along the Ogunpa and Kudeti river channels as well as Ona, Ogbere, Orogun, Agodi, and indeed all other rivers, streams, rivulets and brooks that run through the sprawling city.

Project Scope

The project development objective is to improve the capacity of Oyo State to effectively manage flood risk in the city of Ibadan as outlined:

  1. Undertake a comprehensive assessment of the current solid waste management system in the city which will include the current collection and disposal rates, private sector participation, organizational structures and contracting, cost-recovery mechanism and utilization, review of the sector’s financing structures and needs.
  2. Define the strategic objectives and quantifiable targets for the municipal solid waste sector.
  3. Prepare quick-win interventions in waste management that will include the establishment of two new Sanitary Landfills, and five Transfer Loading Stations.
  4. Build needed institutional capacity to manage and implement recommendations and better manage the sector with the recommendations for the quick-win interventions in waste management delivered in the first month of the assignment.
  5. Identify and evaluate options and alternatives to modernize the existing municipal solid waste management systems.
  6. Prepare an action plan to achieve such objectives and targets which will include estimating costs, tools and means for short, medium, and long-term implementation and timing for investments.
  7. Prepare a Solid Waste Management Masterplan implementable over the next 20 years.
  8. Define monitoring and evaluation modalities for the implementation of such masterplan.

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