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Ibadan Residents Applaud Oyo Govt on IUFMP Works
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Residents of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, were effusive with praises for the State Government for its unbending commitment to the implementation of the Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project (IUFMP) works in various parts of the city. This happened when the IUFMP Coordinator, Engr. Olasunkanmi Sokeye featured on a live radio programme tagged “AJORO” on Honor 103.5 FM in Ibadan on Thursday, 5th October, 2023.

While phoning in to the live chitchat programme, residents from Onipepeye, Akinwumi/Odewenwa, Alakia, Ona Ara, among other areas, expressed deep appreciation to the Oyo State Government for the quality and timeliness of the channelization works and newly constructed bridges in their areas which had helped safeguard them against flooding in the ongoing rainy season. They were also thankful to the IUFMP team for a job well done in their communities.

         A caller who identified herself simply as Mrs. Bose from Iwo Road cited the channelization works on the Ogbere River in the area and the quality of the bridges done on the river which, aside from helping to fight flooding, has also eased vehicular mobility in the area.

         Another caller, Prince Bunmi Adefusi from Apata Area gave kudos to IUFMP for playing its part in fulfilling the developmental mission of the Oyo State Government. He recounted the unfortunate Year 2011 incident in which many of his family and friends lost valuable properties due to the massive flooding on the Ona River. He concluded that the ongoing channelization works on the Ona River has made the river capacious enough to channel storm water across, without flooding the surrounding communities.

         One Mr. Tolu from the University of Ibadan attributed the successes of the Project to the huge backing it enjoys from the present administration in Oyo State.

         Another caller named Mr. Akinade wanted to know if IUFMP could be contacted for assistance on fixing of neighbourhood drains and culverts, aside from the major rivers being intervened on. He was advised to formalize such requests in writing to the designated Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) as well as the IUFMP.

         A caller whose name did not sound clearly underscored the need to continually ensure that all the civil works being executed by the Project would be long-lasting and sustainable.

         Mr. Sulaimon from Ona Ara LGA commended the Project for the great work done on the Ogbere-Tioya Bridge. He requested that the proposed work on the Ariyo River should be executed during the dry season because of the volume of water on the watershed. The Project Coordinator responded that it was for the same reason that the work on the Ariyo River would be flagged off in November 2023.

         Mrs. Ruth from Alakia pinpointed the relief that the channelization works on the Ogbere River at the Onipepeye Area had brought to the neighbourhoods.

         One Chief Ajibade called for a prompt intervention on the devastated Olodo Bridge which is currently impassable. He added that he too would like to join the league of the many people applauding the State Government for its lofty works. This concern was reiterated by one Ms. Bukky who also phoned in from the same area.

         Alhaji Alade Adegoke from Aremo Area expressed doubts about the efficacy of people sending letters of complaints/requests, adding that the communities would prefer having a dedicated phone line. He and other listeners were furnished with the dedicated toll-free line of the Project to be used complementarily with other official channels of communication.

     While fielding questions from the presenter, Sekinat Adegoke- Yusuff, Engr. Sokeye took time to catalogue the many interventions that IUFMP had carried out and the remaining works. He appreciated the residents of Ibadan for their cooperation and tolerance, especially as regards the discomfort sometimes experienced during construction works. He identified the effects of climate change as the major challenge faced by the Project, even as he clarified that this had been mitigated over the years through front-loading the Project’s works during periods of dry spells.