Early Warning System

Project Overview

As part of the risk identification, prevention and preparedness measures under the IUFMP, an integrated flood early warning and response system is needed to improve flood forecasting to communities and government for response (a sub-component). This is being developed in partnership with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMET), the Oyo State Emergency Management Agency
(OSEMA), and the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA). The key objective of the proposed consultancy assignment is to develop a Flood Early Warning and Response System and to enhance community resilience to respond effectively to early warning, which is a critical element of the project design and implementation of this sub-component.  

This warning system will be an integral part of the national system taking advantage of and providing inputs to the federal systems of NISHA, NIMET and NEMA. 

Project Scope

The scope of work in this consultancy assignment consists of priority activities ensuring the development and integration of an effective early warning service that includes the following key components: 
1. Design of meteorological and hydrological observational networks for Ibadan Metropolis. This includes various activities including flood modeling and forecasting, development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and developing a communication plan for warning dissemination 

2. Supervise installation of meteorological and hydrological observational networks (in particular the river gauges) within the Eleyele Dam and Ona River Basin 

3. Supervise installation of a Limited Area Model (LAM) for very short and short range rainfall forecasts (1 hr. to 24 hr.) which has the ability to assimilate quantitative precipitation estimates derived from satellites (Satellite derived rainfall estimates will be used alongside ground observation)

4. Supervise installation of hydrological/ hydraulic models (with integrated 1-D / 2-D models where necessary) which can provide robust rainfall estimates based on those derived from observations and/or LAM and hydrological data from river gauges 

5. Develop a web-based Early Warning System capable of providing detailed information on inundation and impacts coupled to and integrated with the flood forecasting system.  

6. Design a warning service which will include an automated alarm system and which can be related to actual water levels and/or forecasts. 

7. Carryout training and capacity building of various tasks including but not limited to design and installation of the systems, maintenance and processing of data 

8. Prepare various documents as defined in the deliverable section of the ToR.

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